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Tuesday 26 January 2010

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day, and although I've been keeping my eye out for suitable photo opportunities, they just haven't come along, or at least the ones with heaps of flags and that sort of thing haven't.

So here is a windmill, and icon of Australia's rural life.  Used for pumping water they appear at every isolated bore or just about anywhere one wants to move water from one place to the next.  With blades of pressed iron and corrugated vanes, many have been in service for a century.

This one at Maleny.

On another note, we'll be spending all of today at a ceremony to induct new Australian Citizens as some Canadian friends take the plunge, I'm sure there'll be a photo or two over coming days, but later in the evening I plan to post a report on my Fading Memories Blog for those interested.

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Lois said...

I like the light in this picture and the sky is a lovely shade of pastel blue.

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Happy Australia Day, good luck to your new citizens, and - I think the photo is very evocative.

Three Rivers Daily Photo

Bill said...

Tell your Canadian friends, Welcome to Australia and hsppy Australia Day to everyone.

Colin said...

I have always called these devices "country hearts". What is missing is the barbed-wire fence.

I have never understood what is meant by Happy Australia Day - is it just have a good day off work or is there some other sentiment I am not picking up on?

Ann said...

Good choice for Australia Day. I had the same problem, haven't seen anything appropriate in the last few weeks so cheated.

Happy Australia Day.

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