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Monday 25 January 2010


It was Mr Three who saw him first, in the darkest shadow in the cotton tree thicket.  He was showing us his frilled neck and looking terribly fierce until I pulled out my camera.   He had a few mates as well, but I was fortunate to catch him while he still had the red "fire" in his throat!  

He(she?) is a bearded dragon, about two and a bit feet long, and quite common round the coast.   This one was in the trees near that little camping spot that I featured in the past week or so.  Oh, and have no  fear, they are entirely harmless...  mostly!

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Jane Hards Photography said...

Are you the he/she is harmless. He looks a little miffed to be but then most things do when I shove a camera in front of them. Exotic to my eyes.

Bill said...

That's a beauty. We too are lucky at the moment we have a water dragon in our pond but who knows for how long.

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Wow - his colors are beautiful! Are they always so bright or is it like birds, extra color for the breeding season?

freefalling said...

Does the red bit come and go?

Vicki said...

Now that's a handsome dragon. The detail in your photo is amazing.

Lois said...

He certainly is a beautiful creature! I've had to chase 2 lizards out of my house this past week. They were a bit smaller than this though.

bitingmidge said...

Sorry about the delay responding!

Yes the red colour does come and go to quite an extent, it gets more vibrant when he's threatened.

I suppose breeding my have something to do with it as well, it usually does!

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