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Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Trunk of the Coconut

Two things are always consistent with coconut palms;

One always finds little circular pock marks on them, often they look as though a potter has pushed her thumbs into them before they've set.

When people carve their initials into them (and who knows why they do that), they use a particular style of rigid, straight lettering, and it seems their initial is always "V".

I'm sure both of those observations have a scientific basis, but if I may return to this photo for a second, I do love the way the shells are just visible on the beach, as indeed is the merest hint of foam from the surf (top right).


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Julie said...

It's that low f-stop trick again like you used at the cricket to get the lovely green.

This is a stunning composition, Peter.tudger

Jim said...

Great detail.
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