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Sunday 24 January 2010


I truly don't understand the reasoning behind owning a monster truck fitted out with the latest and greatest suspension in order to be able to drive down the fully paved road to the fully paved car parking area beside the beach.

Don't get me wrong,  there is a place where off road vehicles are very useful, but I'm not sure that all that shiny chrome would survive at all well in that place.

Perhaps the owners just brought it down to teach it to swim.


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paul said...

I like this shot - seems to be taken with more sympathy than your comments might reveal? But you make a good point.

bitingmidge said...

You've got me Paul!

It's the shiny MUD tyres that got me I'm afraid, neither safe nor appropriate for bitumen commuting, nor are they much chop in the sand.

Disclaimer: I have a 4wd kitted with similar gear, (none of it for show though). We travel around 10,000 k's off road each year. I keep my all terrain tyres for then, and use my road tyres on the beach! ;-)

Bill said...

My sentiments exactly. Nice shot, though

Anonymous said...

it's all about 'looks'! heheheee

Mirela said...

They have to show off, right? Though, it might be a compensation for some things ;-).... I'd personally go for a sports car if I'd wanted to show off.

Julie said...

Most of these cars are used in Sydney to pick up children from school by women who cannot drive them properly!!

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