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Wednesday 20 January 2010

More Happy Campers

Just to put yesterday's photograph in a bit of context.

And if it gets a bit of the wet stuff in the pic in time for WateryWednesday, then why not.


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Lois said...

Camping is not one of my favorite things, but they do seem to have found the ideal spot!

Julie said...

Complete with bathers! This is prime waterfront, indeed. Caravan parks and camping grounds have some of the best positions in towns large and small from Sydney all the way up to you. And long may that continue, because that is the holiday of the average Australian and a summer way of life to be cherished.

Jim said...

Great holiday snap.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

cara said...

Hopefully the sound of the surf might drown out the sound of your next door neighbours whispering goodnight to eachother!

It must be amazing camping there off season.

Ann said...

You and your damn water views! I'm back sitting in an office, at least I've got a window to look out of.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful & I'd love to walk that beach - The water is very inviting!

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Shannara said...

Looks warm and nice, I'm freezing in cold sweden!

Helena said...

What a lovely, warm, place to be right now. (I wish!)

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