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Thursday 7 January 2010


When we were kids, we'd escape along the beach for hours, crawling among the rocks or building huge canals through the wet sand.  We didn't have watches to tell the time, so Mum used to hang a towel out the window as a signal that it was lunch time.

I suspect this Mum probably sent an SMS, or maybe a Tweet, but the signal brought back memories.

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Babzy.B said...

I like this chidhood story !

Joan Elizabeth said...

The colours and composition are just right. Dunno if its the new background or your normal perfection with building shots or what ... nice childhood memory to make the whole package quite special.

Julie said...

Agree with Joan on this one, Peter. This is a special post. The colours are great and the slice of the building you have selected is so satisfying to the eye. And to top it all off you tell us a boyhood yarn.


Stefan Jansson said...

Great composition here.

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