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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Always Look UP!

Never give a coconut tree the benefit of the doubt.  Even though the fruit on this one are quite small, they'll still weigh several pounds/kilos, enough to impart a severe injury or worse, on an unsuspecting lounger sitting below.

Many of the towns in North Queensland employ people to remove coconuts in their formative stages to prevent serious injury to tourists.   In Moololaba, I suspect that this is the only tree in fruit, and the chances of injury are slim, but do be aware when walking by a coconut palm!


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Lois said...

I've never been hit by a coconut while sitting under a tree, but I have been hit by a bird bomb (if you know what I mean)! That's a nice picture.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Iv'e not been dit on the head by a coconut. But yes, best lok up if walking underneath the trees.
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Julie said...

An interesting warning. I don't think of things like that in downtown Sydney.

Jim said...

Top shot and thanks for the warning. One of my memories of trees in Queensland is being attacked by dive bombing magpies nesting in them.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

I've heard of people being hit on the head by falling coconuts, but your photo makes it look like such a lovely danger!
Three Rivers Daily Photo

Babzy.B said...

nice palmtree , the warning is relevant but no palmtree in my area ;)

Annie said...

Good shot...!

Yes, a lady in the territory removed two beautiful palm trees because the nuts might fall on her little boys head! argh...! Another family removed two gorgeous mango tress after they moved into their new house...argh again...!!

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