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Sunday 17 January 2010

That Picnic Shelter

A few weeks ago, a picnic shelter was the centre of attention for a few days, when viewed from the inland side.  To my delight, there's not a bad vantage point of it from the sea as well if one hops out on a few rocks and stands on tippy toe.   There she be, on top of the cliff.


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Tania said...

This is really beautiful!You have so many great pictures on your blog and I long for summer when I look at them;-)
Have a great sunday!

Joan Elizabeth said...

This looks like a watercolour painting. Been thinking about your colour palette, it seems more pale with your new background even with the more vibrant images ... interesting that. Also, how different it is from my own ... which is all green and brown especially as I am now doing Blue Mountains regularly.

bitingmidge said...

It is quite intriguing Joan, I spent a bit of time looking for a background image with the right colour combinations. Most of the softer colours are because I'm playing with lower saturation/higher brightness levels at the moment I think, but we could go back to some vibrant ones and probably see a difference.

Colour matching is a fun game, ask a quilter! ;-)

Julie said...

That is a stunning view of the shelter, Peter. Puts into stark relief the ugliness lined up in a row along the other bit of coast.

What was that Pete Seeger song?

Aimz said...

Very pretty! I like how the waves are rolling in.

Joan Elizabeth said...

grin ... re the quilter

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