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Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Three out of a possible ten.

The line between street art and vandalism is a very fine one, and while I don't profess to be an expert, I am a bit of a fan of great street art.

This is not great street art.

If I was to score it out of ten, my score would be made up as follows:

Originality - 0
Clarity of message - 0
Difficulty of execution - 0
Emotional impact on the observer - 0 
Appropriateness of location - 0
Artistic Value - 0
Bonus points for being outside and not having head buried in gaming computer or phone - 3

Why not go home and practice on your Mum's living room wall where your "art" will be appreciated for what it is?


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William Kendall said...

I have a very negative view of graffiti.

Stefan Jansson said...

With you all the way here.

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