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Tuesday 8 December 2009


It looks like a great way to cool off, and on the face of it it's harmless enough, but the ocean claims many souls by sweeping them away off the rocks on the Australian coastline.

Thankfully, accidents here are rare, and I'm pleased to relate that no rescue was necessary this time!

© Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Lois said...

That's a great shot! Glad no one got swept out to sea!

Julie said...

That is a terrific shot, Peter. But if they were my children I would be beside myself.

bitingmidge said...

Not sure whether it's old age or not, but we worry about other people's children now!

Julie said...

Not old age - just being human.

Of course I took photos of the QVB christmas tree!! But I am working up a Twelve Days of Christmas series and I have to contain myself until then. I did not take my tripod with me yesterday; may have been better if I had, although not easy to shoot this tree being on 4 levels of the building. But gorgeous crystals.

I will be in town again this evening (with tripod) for more variety in my night time shots. I have a shopping trolley that I take with me on excursions. Makes it easier to carry it all.

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