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Thursday 31 December 2009


Now here's something we don't see too often at this time of year:  A vacant patch of beach.

There are plenty of footprints to remind us that the photo is a trick though.  Don't expect to arrive at Mooloolaba between Christmas and New Year, and find a secluded spot for your towel!

If you intend to have a big New Year's celebration tonight, don't stay out in the sun too long today will you?


© Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Julie said...

No that is a word I have not thought about for a long time: li-lo. They probably worked really long hours to come up with something so ... so ... simple.

bitingmidge said...

Freddie left her for another woman, the incorrigible LiLo Lil. ;-)

Joan Elizabeth said...

Hey you've changed your background ... very cool

bitingmidge said...

Actually, you didn't notice it yesterday, and you weren't supposed to notice today.

Tomorrow's theme is "changes" you see, and well I just didn't trust myself to get it right if I had a deadline. It's OK to notice after tomorrow! :-)

cara said...

nice shot! >cupping eyes<

Anonymous said...

A li-lo or a banana lounge?... thought li-lo was the inflatable one... maybe it's just my Victorian heritage. Mand

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