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Monday 28 December 2009

Rain, Perhaps

We haven't had any useful rain for well over six months.  Actually the last lot brought floods and general mayhem, along with sufficient water to get us through the current dry patch.

The grass everywhere is a lovely brown colour and is so dry it crunches underfoot.

For weeks the storms have been building in the west as they always do, but sitting in the hills behind the coast, teasing us.  

Thankfully, yeterday the water came!
© Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Julie said...

Yes, I have tracked it on BoM. We are getting the dog's end down here. Luvly, aint it?

Lois said...

I'm sure the rain was a relief from the dry weather. I always worry about the fire danger when we have a dry spell.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Plenty of rain around here at the moment, the garden is growing like a jungle.

cara said...

I was in Mount Nebo for Christmas it was pouring! I even had to put on....an extra LAYER!

AnnieL said...

Glad the rain finally arrived !!

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