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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Credit Where Credit's Due

Some may remember back in August, I published a series of bike path photographs, and may have inadvertently implied that some places were less than satisfactory from a cyclists perspective.  One of those photos is shown below, and the new look path above in the main picture.  While neither of the photos in today's post could be described as art, but the  new superwide path and retaining wall could be!

My goodness, they've even chopped out the  bushes on the corner so we can actually ride around it now.

I can't take any of the credit other than that for waiting till the sky matched the colour of the new concrete, but I can thank whichever Council Officer was responsible for the upgrade, and wish them all the best with their continued efforts!

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Arija said...

Cute, I shot one in Sydney a car width wide roaring down hill into a barrier!

cara said...

That one and Arija's comment made me laugh out loud - what is the story with that pole?? It's gigantic!

bitingmidge said...

I suspect it's that large to replace all the smaller ones that cyclists have bent over in frustration!

Someone suggested today that the widening wasn't there for the benefit of we on bikes, but for the mobility scooter mob from the nearby retirement village!

Julie said...

To keep this topical, how would one assess the carbon emissions emitted during the construction and lost through the destruction of greenery.

I guess the offset would be the decrease in fuming emissions from piqued cyclists.

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