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Wednesday 30 December 2009

Mandy's Mural
another Watery Wednesday presentation

Right there on the top of "Alex" is a public convenience.  I wonder about the term "convenience" as these things are usually hidden in the most obscure places, difficult to find, difficult to get to, and then when one does they are often locked.

This one however, is quite convenient.  It's buried into the slope to make it reasonably difficult to find, but if one approaches it from altogetherly the wrong direction, the entire wall is covered in a seascape.

This is a representation of the view from the loo!  (See yesterday's photo for the actual view.)

I'm fairly sure that "Mandy" is actually Mandy Shadforth a local artist who has been responsible for a number of bright and cheery transformations in the Mooloolaba-Alexandra Headlands area.   I'll try to track her down for more information.

Oh!  This of course is Watery Wednesday as well!

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Julie said...

Got it! "Alex" = Alexandra Headland. You had me stumped for a while.

She is not bad is she? Maybe a bit Ken Doneish but that should be good for the bottom line.

Wow! What revamp. And technical what with the moving inner bit. Very appropriate for your location.

And very you ...

ps I have the email. Taa. Shall respond this evening.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I like this mural ... in general I find Murals are just plain bad art but this one has a light bright appeal.

AnnieL said...

Ah, A great painting...love it!

AnnieL said...

Actually she is reminding me of Katy Edwards, naive art from Brisbane from a while ago that I remember...but I guess there are nay number of naive artists around these days...

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