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Monday 21 December 2009

Close of play.

It's late in the evening, just on dusk, and the surfing gear has surfed it's purpose for the day, just time for an end or two of boules before the light finally disappears.

Sadly, the playing surface is actually grass, not sand or bare earth; just brown thirsty grass.  We are not formally in drought, but it's been almost four months since we've seen enough rain to give the plants a drink.

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Julie said...

But but but ... earlier this year you had rain by the bucketload. Remember?

Boules is riding a wave in this country for that age group. Cheap, play anywhere, easy to throw in the boot. My kids love it.

bitingmidge said...

Yes, yes... but when it rains, it pours and when it stops, well it stays stopped.

Everything is quite crispy to walk on really, and the rain just doesn't seem to reach the ground.

Ann said...

That's the trouble. Don't know about where you are, but here no matter how heavy the rain, it goes straight down the stormwater drain and out to sea.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Looks like there's been plenty of rain around here while we are away ... the place is as green as can be ... though out west it was a dry as chips ... getting a good soaking at the moment though ... hope some of it is reaching your way, I could hear it pounding on the roof in good on Qld fashion when I was talking to my sister in Brissie on the phone on Christmas day.

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