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Saturday 20 February 2010

Trying too hard

 OK I admit it!  Sometimes I should just give up, but well, the mix of the postergirl holding onto the branch and the reflection of the leaves from outside, just fired my imagination.


Perhaps a less cryptic reflection tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Great reflections! I like'm lots!

Unknown said...

I love reflections simply because well they are just that...reflections. Not the real images yet not fake ones either. I haven't been following long so I am not real sure why the apology...this is a fascinating picture. Reflections are after all what each one of us sees every morning we brush are teeth right...we never see who we really are only our reflections...never apologize for such a fascinating photography! Again if I am stepping out of line by not knowing the history of the apology please forgive me however the picture is fascinating...thank you for sharing and for the brilliance..the lady looks like she might be hanging on for dear life...can anyone relate?? Amazing photo

bitingmidge said...

Thanks very much Lisa, there's no history behind the words, sometimes I have trouble seeing the forest for the ...reflections!



Babzy.B said...

well spotted !

Jilly said...

Love love it! Absolutely my sorta photo. I find it fascinating.

Gerald (SK14) said...

O i do like this - a great piece of serendipity

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