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Saturday 13 February 2010

Rocky Beach

If you have to have a rocky beach, there's no prettier way of having one than the one at Noosa National Park.

Noosa Heads

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Lowell said...

It's the light! Superb composition!

Bill said...

Nice picture. It would look good in oil.

Julie said...

Yeah that quality of light will do it every time. I love rocks washed smooth like that. They are the dickens to walk over though.

Jim said...

That's a beautiful scene.

Jilly said...

What a shot! I love Noosa, stayed there for a week one time when I drove from Hobart to Cairns. Rented a little apartment somewhere and went on all sorts of great trips. 40 mile beach? Is that at Noosa? I can't remember now. I do remember tho a marvellous trip across an enormous lake - think it was Noosa Park (three words?) - hopeless, my memory. Anyway I loved the wildlife in that park and on the water.

Beautiful shot as I said.

Unknown said...

I love the contrast between the beauty of the water/light and the darkness/rocks. You captured the two just perfectly in this picture.Thank you for this little bit of perfection. This is life all wrapped up into one tiny moment. Thank you!

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