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Tuesday 2 February 2010

Seven Days of Wood
2 - The Entry Statement

Everything needs an entry statement apparently, gone are the days when clever planning and design allowed one to discover where to go of one's own volition.

This one says:- "This is the way to the beach", or it would if it could speak.

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Rob Siemann said...

Beautiful, and so inviting.

Bill said...

Did you have much erosion yesterday?

bitingmidge said...

Hi Bill, I haven't had the chance to go down to the beach, but the tides were high and the sea messy so I suspect we had a bit.

Fortunately it's been mostly wind and rage, rather than water and waves though, so with no huge swell we may well have got off lightly.

Will report tomorrow!

Ann said...

Bit of a change from the wobbly, falling down fence, and rickety planks covered in sand.

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

OK, I'm listening to the Statement, and will obey!

Julie said...

I think I prefered the description that Ann just gave. For a really good example of the understatement as entry, have a look at yesterday's Wood post by Nathalie in Avignon.

Angie said...

I wish our council would do something like this. At the moment we, the residents, are fighting against 'aluminium'!!!

Jilly said...

This is absolutely charming.I think several of us are continuing this 'wood' theme. It lends itself to so much interpretation, doesn't it? This is a beautiful and inviting image.

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