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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Seven Days of Wood
4 - the Paperbark

The melalueca is often referred to as a "paperbark" as it's bark is very reminiscent of a strong tissue paper.  Each layer is in a different hue,  and it was quite fashionable for a time, for artists to create entire pictures using different coloured bark pasted to a board background.

I suspect that that particular art movement has now been relegated to the "tourist kitsch" school.

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istanbuldailyphoto said...

Great images. Congratulations.

Julie said...

And thank heavens for that, I say! Together with macrame baskets.

Lovely light exposing the layers here.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. We have a paperbarl and river birch that have similar bark but not the same.

Abraham Lincolns Blog

Jilly said...

Is this the tree that produces the bark for aboriginal paintings?

bitingmidge said...

Yes Jilly, and also for cooking and for that matter lining plant baskets.

Handy stuff!

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