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Sunday 21 February 2010

It's Obvious!

 Well I quite like this anyway.  I can't excuse it, and I can only explain it by offering that perhaps I'm going through my "taking photos of reflections in shopfronts" phase.

I'll stop now, but I do quite like this piece of 'accidental' art.

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Jilly said...

Another fabulous reflection photo. Well you know how I feel about them - just fabulous. I love the feel and 'design' of this.

Unknown said...

I agree with Jilly...so many different pictures going on here...and you know I just love reflection photos as well. Wonderful picture. Thank you!

Julie said...

Well ... mmm ... it sure has a lot of elements working toward some sort of ... resolution ... mmm ...

Annie said...

well, I like it too!

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