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Friday 12 February 2010

At last! A sunset sky!

I'm not sure if this isn't my first ever Skywatch post that didn't have some sort of oblique sky reference in the corner somewhere.  If one stands on the top of Mt Coolum and looks vaguely west north-westish when the sky is strangely greeny orange, this is what one sees.

It reminds me of the sky in a painting depicting the battle of Waterloo that hung in my grandparent's house half a century ago.

We lived to fight another day though.


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Lois said...

It's a stunning shot! I like the flat topped mountain in the distance.

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

"vaguely west north-westish when the sky is strangely greeny orange" -- sounds like me trying to give someone directions.

Beautiful photo. What is the flat topped mountain?
Three Rivers Daily Photo

bitingmidge said...

Sadly I have not yet confirmed the name of the mountain, it's on the tip of my tongue though and when I remember I'll let you know!

cara said...

Great light! Is it too far north to be one of the Glasshouse Mountains?

eileeninmd said...

It is a beautiful shot and the colors are so pretty.

bitingmidge said...

Yes Cara, we're too far north, this is not too far west of Noosa.

Knowing how much you like the Glasshouses, I suspect you should stay tuned for a day or two! ;-)

Visit Coolum said...

Great shot. You should try Lowes Lookout next time you are up. Absolutely breathtaking views of the sea AND hinterland in one as it looks northward over Coolum.

Love it if you would join our Flickr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/coolum

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