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Friday, 23 May 2008

Regatta Place

There's a whole new town centre being built at Kawana. It's not that anything else is old, but with so much growth new offices, shops and service buildings abound. While not all are going to win awards for architectural novelty, most office buildings are in a similar informal style.

The very term 'town centre' is misleading though, as the city has many of them, but no central CBD, nor as yet any place where one might logically emerge. It will be interesting to observe the process over the next decade or so.

Here's part of a new residential building facing the new rowing lake.

Innovation Parkway


Anonymous said...

The photograph looks like it was taken in Florida where our son lives. It is a nice photo.

If I don't get back to see you again before the weekend, I will wish you a "Happy Decoration Day" weekend. Alas, now called 'Memorial Day' weekend here in the states; and, better known for the Indianapolis 500 race than for decorating the graves of the dead.

Clare said...

Amazing. I love buildings like this! They stand out so beautifully :)

Bergson said...

Graphic, beautiful
and a sky too blue
i like

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