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Saturday, 31 May 2008


I found these balloons hanging at the back of an arcade in Montville, and thought what a cheap and gratuitous way to celebrate a birthday!

Actually I like the colour contrast between the entirely artificial pink and the dark rainforest in the background, even if it doesn't say too much about the Sunshine Coast.



• Eliane • said...

Happy birthday from NYC!! You're three? Congrats! Kids start blogging so early these days! ;)
Kidding aside, I love that picture for the exact reason that you pointed out: that great color contrast. It's simply adorable.
Don't forget to celebrate!!

angie said...

Great photo! Love the pink against the rainforest - wow, a sunshine coast and a rainforest - sounds like a beautiful place! Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is fantastic,

Anonymous said...

Have been watching your photos for some time and was wondering what kind of camera you use?? and do you give lessons??
I've just bought a new camera (canon eos 40D digital slr) and trying to come to terms with the settings .... do you give lessons?
Im on the Sushine coast and havent yet seen a 'bad' picture on your blog!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Mate!

As an ex coastie (Caloundra) now living in London, your daily pics help stave off the homesickness (or maybe sometimes exacerbate it ;)

Keep up the good work!


bitingmidge said...

Thanks for the wishes!

Alan, I use a Nikon D80, I'm no expert, but would be more than happy to catch up.

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