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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Another Day Another Shipwreck

Forgive me for indulging myself, but it's the weekend, so I thought a few days of shipwreck wouldn't hurt anyone but the skippers of the vessels concerned. This one just a few kilometres down the same beach, and on the same night.

Notice the complete absence of any logical explanation for running aground!

I suspect that due to the influences of Global Warming, the Bermuda Triangle has moved to incorporate a part of Mooloolaba. It's the only logical explanation I can find for two groundings in one evening.

Note to file: if you are going to steal a boat, stay clear of the hard bits round the edge of the water!



Janet said...

Yep, blame it on global warming!

julia said...

I love the description in your profile. Yes, two ship wrecks is careless! At least there was a storm when 'ours' ran aground.

MmeBenaut said...

Bermuda shorts more like it in Mooloolaba! Another great photo of a strange shipwreck.

Bergson said...

A gray sky a boat and a beach coloured whaou!!

Which contrast

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