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Tuesday 21 September 2010


I can't make up my mind whether I like this photo enough to post it.  I was trying to capture the sparkle of the river, and I think I did that, but whether that makes it worth the bandwidth is another thing.

That's a jetski ripping past by the way, en route to a jetski area.

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Atlantis Marcoola Resort said...

This is a really nice photo - is it the Noosa River?

We've linked to it on our Facebook page as we are trying to show our Guests some great things to do on the Sunshine Coast.

Keep snapping!

Sue and the team
Atlantis Marcoola
Sunshine Coast Accommodation

Atlantis Marcoola Resort said...

Hi there

Really liked this photo - have linked to it from our Facebook page.

I'm presuming it's on the Maroochy River? Have you done any in Marcoola?

Look forward to showing our guests more of your shots.

Sue and the team
Atlantis Marcoola
Sunshine Coast Accommodation

bitingmidge said...

Hi, nice to have your commetns! Yes it is the Noosa River, it's remiss of me not to have noted it.

As for Marcoola, well I like to get all beachy leading up to Christmas, this could be your year!


Atlantis Marcoola Resort said...


There's some great photo opportunities around Marcoola and Old Woman Island.

Really enjoying your photos - sorry we posted twice - didn't think it worked the first time.

Are you on Twitter or Facebook?

We are:


Would love to connect there and keep an eye on your shots! Feel free to post them on our facebook wall. Love to get our guests to find out more about the Sunny Coast.



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