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Friday 11 June 2010

The Pub

I know sometimes I rant about power lines and their visual amenity, but here I'm not so sure they don't add  positively to the clutter that is the Maleny Pub.    For all the activism that happens in the area, I wonder why no one has taken offence at carrying electricity above the ground.

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Annie said...

yes, occasionally it does seem very archaic , doesn't it?

Good photo though.

Bill said...

I agree with you about the power lines but it's much too late for that now. No government would spend money, a hell of a lot of money, to move power lines underground now. It would take much longer than 3 years to complete and governments only plan for 3 years and there wouldn't be many votes in it anyway, so we unfortunately have to live with them.

Lois said...

I think people have become so used to the power lines that they don't really see them anymore.

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