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Thursday 3 June 2010

Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece is variously a remnant from Greek mythology, a reference to an ancient gold mining technique, or an Australian Oil Company which was purchased by a multinational brand around thirty years ago and therefore passed into mythology as well.

Occasionally one still comes across a remnant from days gone by, like this petrol station standard in Maleny, but even these are becoming a rare site now.

Ironically, the time is fast approaching when oil will be as precious as gold.


Jim said...

Cool. I haven't seen one of these in years. The closest petrol station to my house was a Golden Fleece, so it brings back great memories of going on car trips as a child.
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Joan Elizabeth said...

Good one.

Annie said...

oil soon a precious commodity...

yes, especially when we just keep pumping it out endlessly into the ocean!

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