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Wednesday 9 June 2010

African Tulip

I can't help but wonder why the African Tulip tree was ever loved enough to plant in numbers, but it was.  It's one of those trees that's always making some sort of a mess, dropping leaves or seeds or pollen or flowers without ever appearing to be particularly attractive.

To make matters worse, it's recently been discovered to have pollen that is lethal to our native bees, so now I really really dislike them!

They aren't quite declared noxious, but they are one step away.  It's currently illegal to plant them or sell them or propogate them.

I't ok to photograph them though.

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MmeBenaut said...

We had one, very close to the house and we cut it down, the first year. We've just finished burning all the firewood! No wonder I have lots of lovely little bees in my garden now.

Anonymous said...

a tree with poisonous pollen, odd indeed!

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