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Tuesday 8 June 2010

Not Heather - Grass.

The hills at this time of year are pink with a particular type of grass flower.   

I haven't looked it up, so I can't report the species, but I do remember that as one of a bunch young boys we used to hold a stalk of it across our mouths and there would be a contest to pull the stalk from one's opponent, sideways, so the sticky flowers would remain in his mouth.   It was all quite unpleasant and didn't make any more sense then than it does now.

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Lois said...

It's lovely! I've never seen pink grass before.

Greg Dimitriadis said...

Very educational, I'd never heard of pink grass before!

Annie said...

not what we used to call Paspalum?

used to be a pinky rusty color, if indeed i am thinking of the right thing.

Funny I just tried looking it up on google, and images, and can't find a decent photo of it.

Never seen it quite as impressive as in your shot.

(Hope you weren't taking that shot when driving)? No, I am sure you wouldn't have been!!!


bitingmidge said...

H Annie, no it's not Paspalum, and err... I might have accidentally been moving my camera when it went off!

Strangely it is perfectly legal to hold a camera, a drink, a two way radio while driving but not a mobile phone!

It's not responsible of course, but legal!

Jilly said...

How fascinating - not just the unusually colour but the story. I love the tale of when you were a kid.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I've never seen this grass.

And it's legal to put make-up on when you drive but I guess you desist from that.

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