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Saturday 26 November 2016


Broken branches after storm - Dicky Beach

The destructive storm was actually almost a week ago, the big trees have been cleared away, power has been restored, and ruined holidays forgotten by all except those whose holidays (and caravans) were ruined, yet as we walk around there are plenty of marks where it has been,

It's amazing the number of trees which were able to withstand the blow, yet had enormous limbs wrenched away by the force of the breeze.

Now of course, I can check the weather widget on the "About" pages of this blog to see if there's another storm looming, although at this time of year there always is!

 Dicky Beach

 © Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


1 comment

William Kendall said...

It's remarkable, how destructive nature can be on one hand, but resilient on the other.

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