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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Let there be light.

Christmas lights by day Felicity Park Caloundra

They look better at night, apparently.   I shall return to discover just how much better!

Ahh, Christmas is coming and lights are going up, or perhaps they've been up for a while, but I'm sure whatever the case Felicity Park will look splendid after dark.

Council's "Name Origin's Directory" has this to say of Felicity Park:

The small park between the Caloundra Library and the Caloundra Regional Art Gallery named Felicity Park was sold to the then Council by Felicity and Maurice Steinsen on the condition that the trees and gardens established in the 1940s would stay as nearly as possible as they were when Caloundra's first Library was built.

Felicity Park

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1 comment

William Kendall said...

Here they tend to have hung the lights up a couple of weeks ago in public spaces, but don't actually light them up until a few days from now.

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