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Sunday 29 May 2016

When a plan comes together.

I don't mind admitting I have a haphazard approach to gardening which is in stark contrast to the care I take with the structure of the landscape.   Here is a step in the garden path, contrived to mimic beach side boardwalks, with a fern which just turned up of its own accord amid the gazanias.

Happenstance or happystance?

Dicky Beach

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William Kendall said...

The tenacity of life, perhaps. I'd be hopeless gardening.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Is that a fish bone fern? If so it will have a lot of mates very soon. Down the bottom of our garden they have managed to out compete the agapanthus! But they look pretty so I am happy provided I keep the edge of the clump mowed because they were marching up the garden. A native fern but a wee bit too energetic.

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