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Tuesday 23 April 2013

St George's Day

Today is St George's Day, a kind of 'National Celebration Day' in England and coincidentally, today we arrived in London at the beginning of our northern summer escapade.   Being of Welsh heritage, I guess I am obliged to be more inclined to barrack for the dragon than the slayer, but a bit of good natured support never goes astray.

We have more than our share of tourists from the old country, usually instantly recognisable by the glowing pink of their complexions unused to our UV index which reaches improbably high numbers all year round.

They are the ones without hats and with the lobster coloured heads.

Kings Beach

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LOLfromPasa said...

Now I know why the weather is much nicer. You brought it with you. Enjoy your stay in the UK!


Haha, St. George would appreciate good natured support, I'm sure! But maybe I'm biased - I've a soft spot for the dragon. Have a terrific time there!

Julie said...

Why does this chap have his flash up?

Julie said...

When I think about my query, answer however you see fit!

bitingmidge said...

Well Julie I did giggle at the question - you have some idea I think how tempted I was to answer differently, but the truth is I have no idea, the photo was taken under broken cloud on a very clear day, we were in a group of people watching a sailing race pass the coasst. Perhaps he'd been taking some portrait shots?


Gerald (SK14) said...

hats are essential accoutriments these days

hamilton said...

Mad Dogs and Englishmen...
I would 'barrack' for the dragon, too
(I know that our word for barrack is a bit rude to Aussies so I won't use it)

Buck said...

Nicely done! Love your interpretation of the theme. I bet the world would be a different place if we still had dragons about.

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