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Friday, 16 November 2012


There is a fortune in recyclable materials if only it was possible to recover them without paying the cost of labour. So many of the world's disused buildings could be dismantled and parts used constructively if only there was a source of free help. Perhaps it's time to start a building demolition version of WWOOFing to find mutually beneficial reuse of the materials!


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Kim said...

We do have whole companies dedicated to dismantling and recycling building materials, but they are for profit. In my neighborhood there is a REstore where people not in the building trades can purchase salvaged materials to reuse them like metal, flooring, doors, windows lumber, fixtures, etc.

Annie said...

Is this the building that went up in flames today on the news?

You can see I have been away from your blog, found it again via Joan Elizabeth's, via googling "pepperina trees", I've taken a little time to get used to the new laptop, get it fixed after crashing, and reloading bookmarks!
Good to catch up on what's been going on a the Coast, especially having come down with a dose of the Shingles. Hope I don't give anyone the chicken ox! Grrr.
Nice to have an enforced rest before Christmas! Time to catch up on some blog reading.

bitingmidge said...

HI Annie, Welcome back! I'm not sure if it has been destroyed or not - I seem to be so far away from the news at the moment - glad to hear you are getting closer to the beach!

Seriously hope the shingles clear up quickly.

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