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Saturday 24 November 2012

Tell someone who cares!

It's things like this I don't get about Nambour.  On the one hand the community is clearly quite strong and proud of their town and its history, on the other, no one cares about stuff that appears to be only visible to strangers.

In another place I live, someone would have "adopted" this traffic island, taking care of the garden on a voluntary basis, but here it must fend for itself!


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Annie said...

Yes, it is a shame when that happens.

Normally I have to sweep leaves off the street as well as around the traffic island outside my place, if I didn't it just becomes an eyesore.
After the hailstorm, the council shifted one branch off the traffic island, and continue to ignore all the many leaves in the street, as well as the huge piles on my footpath. I figure it is going to take me another month to get rid of them via the bins and bags. Doh, if it were less than the affluent suburb it is supposed to be, would they have ignored us so well? Not all of us always have the means to get to the dump, nor always the ability to pay the extra for someone else to do so. It must be time for me to shift suburbs! Or to the beach as my daughter wishes me to do.
Please excuse me...just offloading some pet peeves.

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