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Monday 26 September 2011

Visual intrusion

 I am often bemused at the fuss that medium rise building development causes.  "They" claim it is an eyesore, but "they" live in houses with exposed electricity wires and crude property poles.

I think we have enough green space to offset the odd tower block, and if the same number of houses were to be constructed at ground level, some of the green would have to go.

"They" don't like the way I think!

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Gemma Wiseman said...

I have to admit that the tower block seems to cluster with others! And the result can be a visual skyline contrast to surrounding Nature! Who can deny the magic of a night skyline sprinkled with all those lights! Certainly not camera buffs!

Lucas Kain said...

"They" can go to.. you know where! :) I think it looks quite nice, especially the fact, that it is alone. Something slightly eerie about it. :)

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