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Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Gazania

Well it's about time I featured the flower that sits in the Blog title box, and I do have a confession. In much of Australia it's a non native plant, a declared nuisance, just short of being an illegal one.

The furry seeds often blow into dunes and it is becoming a major environmental weed. It can tolerate light shade under Coastal Wattle which has a lifespan of about 8 years. On its death the Gazania beneath thrives in the extra light and prevents any regeneration of coastal native species.

Here though, as with many things, it's not only tolerated for the moment (until someone realises what it's doing) but it's planted as an ornamental species by our council! There is something deliciously symbolic in that, although surely I don't need to draw anyone's attention to the way our planners have stifled truly creative development in favour of imported models from the past century!

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Anonymous said...

Weed indeed... grr!
But then they do look so sweet when they cover a large area or even just on their own.

Amy said...

Gorgeous, they grow wild here too

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