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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Folly Ceiling Panel 1 of 3

The ceiling in yesterday's shelter has three etched panels providing some distraction from the view beyond. This one looks to me to be a butcher bird, although I'm sure an ornithologist will correct me if I'm wrong.

I was taken aback at first as I expected it to feature seabirds, then I thought about it, and the bush typically runs right up to the ocean in this neck of the woods, so of course it's entirely appropriate!

Point Perry

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Three Rivers, Michigan said...

The pattern seems right, but the beak looks too long and thin for a butcher bird. I like the pattern though!

Three Rivers Daily Photo

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Overall pattern of the piece, I mean :-) It would make attractive wallpaper.

Annie said...

Actually I was wondering if they were stylised magpies, as I thought a butcher bird had a hooked beak...think I googled it once. Yes, just checked again! They do!

Lois said...

They look a little bit like they are dancing!

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