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Tuesday 17 November 2009

Folly Ceiling Panel 3 of 3

The Willy Wagtail.

Now I have to find a real one to photograph. That may take some real patience as I haven't seen them in the numbers depicted in this panel, not ever!

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Anonymous said...

or try Cut 'n Paste. :).

Annie said...

Gosh, it has been ages since I saw a willy wagtail, come to think of it!
Hope you haave/had a good flight home..in something more substantial than the one above...sorry I have no idea what make or year it is..!! Hope the weather is kind to you on arrival...promises to be a little warm I think!

Julie said...

When I was a wee slip of a lass - in the middle of last century - Willy Wagtails were as plentiful as Sparrows. Now they are both dreadfully depleted and replaced by the Common Mynah and the Noisy Miner.

Sad that ...

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