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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Return to the Dicky

I really want to return to the wreck of the Dicky at sunrise and take some really special long exposure shots in the surf, but since I'm in France right now, that's going to have to wait, and you'll have to make do with these midday shots!

Dicky Beach

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Leif Hagen said...

I just don't think that ship is seaworthy anymore...

Mirela said...

Fantastic photo!

Jilly said...

What a stunning shot. I remember a boat rather like this on 40 mile beach which I seem to remember is near to Noosa.

Steffi said...

Great shot!

Annie said...

There are 3 wrecks along a small stretch of the SE Queensland coast...Fraser Island, Dicky Beach...somewhere else (Double Island Point)?...and I noticed that they all say..."wrecked by a cyclone in JULY in such and such a year" (not all the same year)....so cyclones don't all come when they should! Hence the wrecks, I presume!

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