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Friday, 25 April 2008

Wall Flowers

Two photos of flowers in three days - what's happening to me?

We don't have seasons which are defined by weather extremes, snow, deciduous trees, or flourishes of colour in springtime, so it is rare to see window boxes or pots such as these.

Flowers in Autumn.



M.Benaut said...

Nice sunny colours, BM.
We can take all you can show us, monsieur !

My ANZAC day shot was a screen capture from early morning TV while watching the dawn service, and text from Wikipedia.

Did you see John Williamson singing True Blue. Very moving.

Have a good ANZAC Day.

Sakiwi said...

Well, it's almost an ANZAC theme if you consider that poppies are red! Maybe next year all Daily Photo Blogs in Aus & NZ could have an ANZAC theme day on 25 April?

Have a good ANZAC Day!

Anonymous said...

that's a pretty cool way of displaying flowers.

Tacoma flowers

Joan Elizabeth said...

So much sunshine. Lots of mist and rain down here at the moment but there are compensations ... like the red autumn leaves I photographed this morning.

Gaƫlle said...

Nice colours, I really like how the flowers are displayed here.

vero said...

Beautiful flowers and beautiful colours.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to know.

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