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Sunday 24 December 2017

Chillin' - From December 2016

We're currently doing exactly this- one of the great mysteries of life is why we have to travel 400 km to find a beach when we have a perfectly good one at home, nor why we need to live in a tent when we have a perfectly good house there, but we are.   We may or may not be posting updates on one of our other blogs depending on the vagaries of internet and energy levels, who knows!

There's probably no one at the beach right now, because they are all hanging in their hammocks, lying in the shade, relaxing perhaps after a touch of over-indulgence at the dinner table yesterday.   Yes, it's one of those oddities of life, that despite temperatures hanging in the early thirties, we still mostly cling to that old British tradition of taking part in a monster baked lunch on Christmas Day.

Why do we do that?

Probably so we can do nothing on boxing day and feel quite good about it.   "Where are the people" you ask, "Surely if things were as crowded as you suggest, there'd be people in this shot - you didn't take it earlier did you?"

Umm.. you've got me there.   I did perhaps prepare this one a day or two ago, but I can say with confidence that the scene probably looks like this today, because, well, they'd all be at the Sales wouldn't they?

Cotton Tree

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