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Monday 19 December 2016


It's almost Christmas, so let me indulge in a small grumpy whinge.   In some countries (hi Denmark!) overhead electricity lines are not just frowned upon, they are banned outright.

How monotonous must the view of their sky be without something to break up the foreground?

Of most concern though; what happens to Christmas if Santa gets snagged on one of these things?

Dicky Beach

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Jack said...

Denmark has 42,000 square miles of land and about 5.5 million people. Australia has 3 million square miles of land (i.e., 71 times more land than Denmark) and about 23 million people (4 1/2 times as many as Denmark). Assuming the costs of undergrounding the power lines per mile were similar in the two countries, to underground the entire Australian power supply, every Australian would have to pay about ten times as much as a Dane must pay to underground the Danish network. Good luck in persuading your fellow citizens to take on this cost.

Linda said...

Many new communities here put the wires underground. I wish towns would do so in historic districts!

William Kendall said...

They certainly can be a nuisance to the photographer!

AsAeenBySusan said...

But what would the birds sit upon in those long, treeless stretches of road around where I live? Plus, birds on a wire always make me think of music. ­čÄ╝

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