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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Have a Merry Christmas

Santa, presents, reindeer, snowflakes and a couple of Christmas trees (sans decoration), in a summer wonderland.  It's a bit difficult to find any symbol relating to the actual reason for the celebration, well there is star in the East when viewed from a certain direction, but it's all OK.  

This is Australia, where regardless of one's personal belief, it's still called Christmas, a time for Peace on Earth and good will among men (at Christmas it's OK to refer to the human race as "men" too).    

Here's wishing one and all a very Merry Christmas from the Sunshine Coast, where the chance of snow is about the same as the chance was of a reindeer landing on my roof last night!

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1 comment

William Kendall said...

Growing up in the north, it is still odd to think of a Christmas in summer.

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