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Tuesday 15 December 2015


There are three houses in this photograph if you count our verandah balustrade in the foreground.

I was just sitting there today eating a sandwich, thinking of not much at all other than the next barrow load of concrete that needed mixing when I realised that we probably have a fairly unique (some may say stupid) approach to living on narrow allotments.

Our street is an old subdivision from a time when 400 square metre lots with 10 metre frontages were the norm.  Strangely though, houses were not allowed to be built against the alignment.  No terrace houses here, instead we all live on our north-south axes, with the long walls exposed to the western sun for much of the day, and windows located so we can share in a quasi communal way, our neighbour's music (and dare I say it, arguments) and they ours.

Is it just as well we all get along, or do we get along because we must?

Dicky Beach.

© Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


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William Kendall said...

I suppose you get along because you must- because moving is too expensive to do lightly just because the people next door might like listening to Justin Bieber (wait, that alone would be reason enough to move).

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