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Wednesday 1 February 2012


Today's City Daily Photo bloggers' theme is "animals", and I thought I'd use this as an opportunity to express the contempt I feel as I pass this sign each day on my way to the beach.  

Thankfully the vandalism (of which there is thankfully little on the Sunshine Coast), is a stark contrast to the attitude of the majority of the community as expressed by the sign.

Am I doing the animal world a disservice by lumping the perpetrators in with them?

If you'd prefer to see animals of the warm fluffy kind, I'm sure you'll find thousands on other participating sites, (or pop back through the last two days here).

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Jilly said...

Well said, Peter!

Mark said...

Great post Peter.

cara said...

On ya, Peter. Bloody buggers.
Ooops I totally forgot about the theme day.

cara said...

What IS the difference between a Volvo and an echidna?

AL said...

Bloody vandals! I hate them!

Buck said...

It's a pity that spammers are infesting your blog at the same time vandals are infesting your town. Very interesting realisation of the theme!

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