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Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Deco is not actually a word, and before the apostrophe grinches crawl all over me, may I congratulate the authors of this sign for what I believe is to be the correct use of said punctuation mark to indicate that a contraction has occurred!

"Deco", pronounced "deck-oh" as opposed to "dee-coh" which is short for "decomposed granite road base", is actually a contraction in this case for "Decorations", and a very Aussie one it is too, ending as it does in the obligatory "oh" sound, which in this case sounds so much nicer than the "ey" ending would have!

Ahh... just a few days now until the commercial madness is over and the holiday madness truly begins.

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1 comment

Barb said...

Christmas on a warm sunny day sounds delightful. Enjoy!

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