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Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Spirit

Today I walked the length of Caloundra's main street looking for a sign or even the merest hint of any forthcoming festivity. Apart from the odd shop interior, the place was entirely bereft of decoration or anything that hinted at just a little more cheeriness than usual for that matter. I was hoping for a shot of someone in a fur trimmed hat so I could make the obvious bitingly witty commentary, but no one obliged.

Just as all hope was lost, I saw a present sitting on a post. On investigation the post usually held up a parking meter, and the present in fact completely enveloped it.

Good on you Seligs Jewellers.  Sure there's a bit of commercial intent behind all this, but in a desert of Christmas Spirit it sticks out a mile!


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Carola said...

Great X-Mas shots. And this one is funny.

Jim said...

That's a great concept.
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