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Thursday, 29 April 2010


I suspect that at one time, everything in this photo was once considered to be timeless.  Conservative design is often thought to be "timeless" when it is undertaken, colours of a certain genre (beach colours!); yes - timeless as well.  Blue cars?  Fashionably unfashionable - a colour that will never date.

Timelessness is a state of being I think, which goes from new, through bland, before it becomes ugly, then "modern" and therefore trendy.

Where is this little lot up to?

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Levinson Axelrod said...

Wonderful traces of blue in this photo.

Lois said...

Nice composition!

Jim said...

Something to ponder.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Ann said...

Interesting thought. I think the block of flats has reached the ugly stage.

Jan said...

Nice blues... and that type of garden is to be found somewhere in every suburb.
I would be surprised if these get back to trendy. You have an eye for the interesting.

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