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Friday, 16 April 2010

Texture Skywatch

I've probably milked this one sunrise a bit far, but indulge me one last time.   I can't find words to describe the textures that appear only briefly, but I often stand in awe with my eye racing between the prickly water, the saw toothed horizon and the cracks in the clouds.    Thank goodness for photographs so that we can hold the moment for just a little longer!

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Kim, USA said...

Oh gush this is really awesome! I haven't seen like this before and you are right thanks to photograph we can see this moment all the time now. Happy Friday!

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Jim said...

That's a beauty.
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Animor said...

Beautiful color of the sunset, love the shadow of ship further away in the ocean.

Jossie said...

Wonderful and stunning picyure.

Ann said...

If you've got it, milk it!

Kcalpesh said...

Amazing shot when the sky wore golden color!

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Levinson-Axelrod said...

What a great shot. Must've been a restful evening.

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